Saturday, 28 January 2012

Remember that

Hi its me Adel. Haa, today i meet my crush KC <3 hewhew ^^ he not to tall, no to small but he cute ^^ he has Chinese face, and tha more important is SEPET <3 he so sweet :) im so happy at all spend time with him. i'll remember this at all of my live dude. Haa, 1st time he came to me and say : HI WHAT YOUR NAME? then i say : IM ADEL ASHA *with shy smile + shock face* hewhew, im so happy that time. i never occur that he will asked me or greeting with me. it make my heart beep faster. Then he say : WHAT? ADELASHA *he laugh* YOU'RE SO CUTE <3 hewhew ^^ then, after the intro session, our road all to find TAUFIQ *tah mana lah dia ni pergi -.- when i command to call Taufiq, he asked me to call -.- his friend, he asked me to call, haa? Lucky got a friends like him ^^ After that we all hang at the back pavi.
then, i show picture of him that i have save in phone. You know what? smetime i make your picture as my DEF :) Afterthat, we all go to Pakcik Nz. In the course, i saw Aiman Rahman. Aww, it make me faint at there. hehe, when i say to him that Aiman was so handsome. he sa no *with not satisfied voice* see, he showoff a little jelous right? Ohh yeah i forget to say that, all time we walked we hold hands :) nice right? Jyeah, it was a sweet day that i have with my crush EVER dude <3
in that time, after tha Aiman. He hold my hang tightly and say : WILL YOU BE MY GIRL? : hewhew <3 so sweet right? that time i feel like i at the heaven you know ^^ Are you doubt that your cruch will propose you? never right? but me? Awwww, it was tha BESTIME ever dude ^^V he was a sweet guy ever. And i just smiled.
At the Pakcik Nz, he brother *mybe* and all he friends are sporting ever. they make me laugh from going until back. haha. YOU WANT SEE MY BALL?  hahahahaha. that was so *cough* hahaha.
Lastly, before we going back. He say that he will miss me . jyeah, i'll miss you more. He hug me tightly, and kiss my forehead. hewhew <3 he so SWEET <3 that was a sweet time with him for the first time and last :') bye KIM