Saturday, 13 August 2011

bace bace . best tak (;

listen up . This is my tragic story just the breaking of my heart . Check it .

I still can’t erase you , I keep thinking about you . I want to see you so badly , I can’t sleep at night . The sound of rain that thumps on the window of my heart . The spot that you gave up, I miss you so much . I can’t sleep at all at night . Your backside leaving by avoiding the rain . I can’t anything, again . So everyday I regret it, I’m sorry . I pray, I want you to be back . I can’t, I can’t touch you . I can’t be patient because it’s a day that doesn’t exist .The tears in my eyes flow down . Again, will I be able to forget you . All night I only think about you, I can’t sleep . Why did I turn on this love show ? . The distance between you and I has gotten bigger . I was the servant of this love . Why did we fight? Why were we like this ? . Did you lost the sight? We loved each other . Why am I frozen right now ? . Dummy, what I need is you . Your shoulders are limp . Your sight, the ground collapses . You hit my stuffy heart . I can imagine you praying to the sky . With your hands clasped together . Let’s forget everything, all the bad memories . (I’m sorry) I know how you’ll react . I can only say sorry . You and I, don’t let go of our string . Don’t deny our relation . Come to me, it’s all okay now . Again again let’s start everything again . I can’t sleep at night .